Charter Survey Networks

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Connecting Companies

We bring companies together in industry ‘peer’ networks
that create and share qualified HR market intelligence.

          HR/C&B Peer Market Intelligence


Since 1996 we have provided solutions for organizations to develop and maintain a good strategic balance between internal organizational structure and external market competitiveness.
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hkp/// RemuNet acts as a fiduciary 'Network Administrator', working in strict confidence on behalf of self-determined groups of employers to validate, aggregate, anonymize, and present market data in our online systems - for analysis and exclusive use of network members.
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hkp/// RemuNet Academy™ provides custom-made HR learning events and offers a qualified environment for imparting technical knowledge, tailored market insights, and professional networking, all designed with attention to International C&B discussion and 'Real Life' exercises.
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hkp/// RemuNet turns data into actionable market intelligence by use of online analysis tools. Our software is the conduit to upgrade HR/C&B staff cost & productivity data into organizational management analysis and reporting.
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