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Member Reciprocity Commitment

Reciprocity is the cornerstone for successful Networks administered by hkp/// RemuNet. Every Network Member equally enjoys the benefit of their membership and, with hkp/// RemuNet, equally shares the responsibility for maintaining the success of their Network.

Several Networks are open to new membership in 2014. If you have an interest to learn more about a specific Network, please contact hkp/// RemuNet.
Why hkp/// RemuNet?
  • hkp/// RemuNet is a trusted administrator for more than 20 years with proven and flexible benchmarking methodologies
  • The Network owns and directs, while hkp/// RemuNet supports the membership and individual members
  • All Networks are governed by "Charter" to which all Members subscribe and adhere
  • Data remains the exclusive property of the Network Members; competition compliance is paramount
  • Online tools for Members to compare their data to chosen 'peer' groups, using their own grading and methodology

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